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Day 15!

Although I stopped posting and I’ve failed to record my ”new” stats, I’m definitely still doing the 30 Day Shred. I honestly have not been seeing the weight drop, though, which is most disappointing. I feel like I’ve hit a wall and I’m very upset. I can’t even tell if my stomach is getting toned anymore. My stomach is nowhere near flat. I’m still going to finish the 30 Day Shred but I hope this is just another one of those moments where my body will prove my mind wrong and I’ll be shredded soon.
Halfway done!
15 days to go!

10 Day!

Wow! I finished 10 days!

It’s crazy how I actually managed to stay on this workout since it’s hard for me to be motivated at all. I have to admit two things, though. I have gotten lazier on the workouts because it’s been the same continuous exercises. Also, I haven’t been eating the best and healthiest because 1. everyone around me isn’t trying to be more health-conscious…and because I give into temptation easily.

Weigh-in will be later tonight. Updated measurements and such will be up on my “measurement and stats” page.

20 days to go!

Edit: Realizing that I actually first measured myself after day 1, I’m going to input changes tomorrow night instead. Also, because I can’t access my pages tonight.


it may not seem important but when you eat is crucial!


it may not seem important but when you eat is crucial!

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5th Day!

Same old, same old. This is becoming such a routine and it’s great. I no longer walk outside, though, which is really bad since I need to get more cardio in.

I finally did the workout in the picture of my first post. Since I’m pretty sore already, it hurt doing the exercises, but that’s what counts. I worked up a sweat doing the workout twice. And now I’m sore in my obliques. So thank you for that because I need sore obliques. That’s how I know I’m working out.

I’ve been limiting myself to just vegetables, fruits, and protein. So far, so good (except for the weekend but we can excuse that). I realized all the food I’ve been missing out on when I was looking through cookbooks in my house.

Woohoo! So glad (and surprised) I actually have the motivation to keep going.

25 more days!

4th Day!

I have to admit, I have not been good with the eating healthy part ): especially when you’ve got a helicopter mom and she won’t stop feeding you heavy carbs because she wants to lose weight as well but doesn’t want to waste food.
Anyways, so the weight department is not well as of late, although my thighs are feeling really strong now, but as sore as ever.
Good thing it’s the weekday again so I can eat what I need, like sizeable amounts of protein and vegetables instead of heaps of everything.
I’m hoping for a productive week! I feel so committed it’s great!
27 more days!

3rd Day!

Finished my 3rd day in Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Slowly but surely I feel myself gain muscle and lose inches off my waist.
Of course I have been eating way healthier and less than usual, except for the goldfish I bought yesterday which was such a bad purchase because I can’t stop eating it and I definitely could have lost more weight had I not eaten them.
So far I do feel better in shape(my thighs mainly) but I’m still extremely sore. Of course it’s only the 3rd/4th day now and I love this feeling, kind of. It’s really a love/hate relationship.
Progress has mainly been seen at my waist. I measured it the night after day 1 and I’ve lost almost an inch since. Everything else is roughly the same.
In addition to working out with Jillian, I make an effort to walk around my community at least once during the day. After the 30 minutes of level one, I do 8 minute abs and some other YouTube videos that work on my core, because that needs the most toning.
It seems most everyone who comments on the workout video have other methods of working out in addition to the Shred so I felt it necessary to do it myself.
Also, starting tomorrow, my cousin showed me this video of a Korean aerobic dance workout so now I must do it as well. I feel so bad after those goldfish I have to work out extra in order to make up for my bad eating habits!
26 days left!